Railing panel [WHITE; 150 cm]

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Railing panel [WHITE; 150 cm]

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We offer FELLO aluminium fencing system, we are a manufacturer of spans for self-assembly, the system allows to trim spans to needed size as the horizontal profiles are not fixed elements and there is always the possibility of adjusting the height which allows a very simple, fast and convenient installation.

The system of FELLO spans , is suitable for fences with brick /stone posts and for those with steel ones. Perfect for filling gates and balconies etc.

We offer a full range of Ral colours and our system colours in which one of the horizontal profiles imitates the structure of wood in the following types: Golden Oak, Light Oak, Mahogany, Walnut, Wenge.

Also, we make individual designs for customers.

We invite companies and private persons to purchase our products.

Quality and fast realisation are our advantages.

Vertical Profile- cassettes made of stainless steel in sizes 60×30 mm thickness 2 mm
Horizontal profiles – aluminium 100×25 mm thickness 1,5 mm
Powder coating with polyester paints UV – Polyurethane system of wood imitation.
After installation it is advisable to fill vertical profiles with polyurethane foam.

When ordering please choose:

  1. height
  2. colour (matt or gloss)

colour of panel

white (RAL 9016) fine structur, white (RAL 9016) gloss

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