Catalytic Converter Iveco Stralis


Catalytic Converter Iveco Stralis

IVECO Stralis
Euro IV / V
07/2005 ->
Dinex: 28461
Dinex: 28477
Nr OE: 41299218
Nr OE: 41298536
Nr OE: 41298535
Nr OE: 41272365
7,8 ltr.
6 cyl.
228 KW/310 HP
243 KW/330 HP
265 KW/360 HP
10.3 ltr.
6 cyl.
310 KW/422 HP
331 KW/450 HPF3BE3681
12,9 ltr.
280 KW/380 HP
302 KW/410 HP
332 KW/450 HP
368 KW/500 HP
412 KW/560 HP

Original catalytic converter Euro 5 with new ceramic inserts.

12 Months Guarantee !

Price with deposit

The deposit is returned to the bank account indicated after receiving return of the old part.
The returned part must be original and appropriate to the given model, mechanically intact.

Price without deposit

The original part should first be provided, then after receiving it we send the goods.
It is possible to have the catalytic converter picked up from the customer. It must also be readied on a pallet. The cost is similar to sending to the customer.

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